Website & App UI Redesign

Project Overview

The redesign of the Keeper website and app showcases a modern and intuitive user interface, seamlessly blending simplicity with functionality. Featuring a clean layout and user-friendly navigation, users can effortlessly access a portion of their earned salary before payday.

My Role

Visual Designer
The challenge was to redesign the Keeper app and website, aiming to attract more users, enhance app usability, and incorporate new features.

Simple & Effective Design

Before and after

The previous website had an outdated, low engaging design. The layout lacks responsiveness, leading to a poor user experience on various devices. Additionally, the overall aesthetic does not align with the brand image.

With our redesigned website, we've transformed the user experience. The new design is sleek, modern, and responsive, ensuring seamless navigation across all devices.

The challenge was to redesign the Keeper app and website, aiming to attract more users, enhance app usability, and incorporate new features.


The previous web design looked outdated and needed a refresh. We sought a modern and minimalist look to be reflected on the new website while showcasing the app's features.

Style Guide

Creating a comprehensive style guide for UI app and website design is essential for maintaining consistency and ensuring a seamless user experience. In our recent study case, our primary goal was to establish a visual identity that resonated with our brand while enhancing user interaction.

By documenting and adhering to this style guide, our UI app and website design achieved a cohesive and visually appealing identity, contributing to an improved user experience and reinforcing our brand's visual language.

Less is more

We embraced a modern and simple approach to create an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing online platform. The design focused on user-centricity and a clean visual aesthetic, fostering an engaging and memorable user experience.


All the app screens were redesigned with the goal of finding the easiest path, requiring the fewest clicks, for new users to join the app and provide all the necessary details. This ensures they can effortlessly transfer money to their account.


Welcome to check Keeper's prototype here.



In conclusion, our study case exemplifies how a modern and simple web design can elevate user engagement, emphasizing clarity, and usability while aligning with contemporary design principles.


Designing a finance app and website poses unique challenges and offers valuable lessons in the realm of UX/UI. One of the primary challenges involves balancing the need for comprehensive financial information with the imperative of creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


In finance, clear communication is non-negotiable. Lessons learned include the importance of concise messaging, providing clear instructions, and transparently conveying complex financial information.


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